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Put a Trademark on It!!

28 Jun

Tonight is the NBA Draft and at this point it is a forgone conclusion that Anthony Davis will be the first pick for the New Orleans Hornets…More interesting to me was the news that Anthony Davis has decided to Trademark his much-discussed unibrow….

If you like then you shoulda put a…trademark on it!

Which got me thinking…what other athletes should look into trademarking their unique hair looks?  My top 5 After the Jump! Continue reading

Happy NBA Draft Lottery Day!

30 May

Tonight, the NBA will determine who will receive the coveted first pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Though some of us here at SGFG are not convinced that he will have major success at the pro level, Kentucky center, Anthony “The ‘Brow” Davis is expected to be the number one overall pick. Although the odds are in the Charlotte Bobcats’ favor, you never know. The NBA might rig the lottery again, and totally hook up the Hornets to say “my bad” for that Chris Paul trade veto. The team with the worst record hasn’t won the draft lottery since 2004. Besides, even if the Bobcats do win, we must remember that Michael Jordan is the owner, and he drafted Kwame Brown the last time he had the first overall pick. (Making the Earth sick in a whole different way.) Check out the odds after the jump. Continue reading


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