Case of the Mondays: WNBA Challenge…Mission Accomplished!!

16 Jul

When we issued the WNBA Challenge on the Offseason Podcast (Click HERE to catch up on what you missed!!), it was largely aspirational.  We thought that maybe we would watch a few games out of obligation, learn about some obscure players, and try to go to a game at some point.  However, as of Friday July 13th, we are officially Chicago Sky fans!!! She Got (Fantasy) Game was in the house at Club Allstate Arena (I’ll explain below) to watch the Chicago Sky take on the Connecticut Sun and had the Best.Time.Ever.  If you followed our twitter (@sgfantasygame) timeline on Friday then you already know some of the reasons why, but I would like to quickly rehash the Top 5 reasons that you should go to a Chicago Sky (or your local WNBA team) game:

5. Who wouldn’t wanna kick it with this dude??

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WNBA Challenge: Friday the 13th!!

13 Jul

If you’ve been listening to the Offseason Podcast (Click HERE to catch up!), then you know that we issued the WNBA Challenge this summer.  Basically, we felt like bad women’s sports fans for not being real WNBA fans.  So, we memorized all the teams, studied up on players, and watched a few games.  As part of the challenge we also promised to attend a WNBA game.  So, tonight is the night!!  She Got (Fantasy) Game will be in the house at the Chicago Sky vs. Connecticut Sun game!!  This is the Sky’s last game before the Olympic break.  The Sky need a win to start creeping up in the Eastern Conference standings! (<–See, we even talk like committed fans now.  The WNBA Challenge is working!!) The game isn’t televised, but you can follow along on WNBA Live Access.  Or, just follow us on twitter: @sgfantasygame. We will be live tweeting from the game!  Step your game up and join the WNBA Challenge!!  Or, we might send Jason for you….Bwahahahahaha!

Jason Voorhees Swag!! Very scary…

Join a Women’s Fantasy Football League!!

12 Jul

Hey Ladies!

So, it’s about that time.  We’ve been prepping for the season with fantasy football Summer School (A Primer for Fantasy Football Awesomeness) and now it’s time to join a league.  If you listened to the Offseason Podcast earlier this week (Click HERE to listen if you haven’t yet!!), then you know that we have an app for that ;-)  She Got (Fantasy) Game is coordinating all-women’s fantasy football leagues.  These are free leagues, with an online draft, winner gets She Got (Fantasy) Game merchandise and bragging rights to women’s fantasy football world domination!!  Let the recruitment begin!!!

If you want to join a league please email us ( with your Name, Email Contact, and Experience Level (Rookie, Played a Little, Vet).

We will be recruiting and organizing leagues for the rest of the month in preparation for August drafts.  We’ve already had a number of inquiries, so please respond now before spaces fill up!

Good luck this season and may the odds be ever in your favor ;-)

May the odds be ever in your favor this fantasy football season!!

Podcast! The Offseason Episode 4 is Here

10 Jul

That’s right. We know you’re thirsty for another podcast. So we offer you refreshment!

Liz and Summer are baaaaaack. They discuss Miss Piggy, Dominique Dawes, Carl Lewis’ singing career…and sports. They promise to do better next time.

The Offseason Episode 4

Miss Piggy!

Carl Lewis!

Case of the Mondays: Vacay Edition

2 Jul

Due to our over-committed BBQ schedule In honor of the nation’s birth, we’ve decided to take the week off from our regularly scheduled blog postings.  Don’t worry, we’ll probably still be acting a fool on twitter (@sgfantasygame)! While we’re out eating, drinking, and burning ourselves with sparklers, you should feel free to prepare for the upcoming Fantasy Football Season!!!  Let us entertain you with foolishness in-depth analysis in the latest Offseason Podcast and  prep for fantasy football domination with Summer School lessons!!

The Offseason Podcast Episode 3

Are you ready for the fantasy football season? Learn how to dominate with fantasy football Summer School: A Primer for Fantasy Football Awesomeness!

Lesson: A Closer Look at Running Backs

Older Summer School Lessons

Put a Trademark on It!!

28 Jun

Tonight is the NBA Draft and at this point it is a forgone conclusion that Anthony Davis will be the first pick for the New Orleans Hornets…More interesting to me was the news that Anthony Davis has decided to Trademark his much-discussed unibrow….

If you like then you shoulda put a…trademark on it!

Which got me thinking…what other athletes should look into trademarking their unique hair looks?  My top 5 After the Jump! Continue reading

Podcast! Check out The Offseason Episode 3

27 Jun

Once again it’s on! Liz and Summer talk Title IX, blame Erykah Badu for James Harden’s Finals performance, chat up the WNBA, and argue for a professional jacks league. Bubbie makes her weekly cameo.

The Offseason Episode 3

And, as promised LINK to the NYT article mentioned in the ‘Cast


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